As kids growing up in North Carolina, our family would always head for the coast for a long two weeks vacation.  Oak Island, (Long Beach back then) is where we always went.  I can remember my dad standing in the sun, looking like a piece of bacon, no shirt, baggy white shorts with fish gut stains and holding a fishing rod.  Mom would be laying right there beside him with an unspoken calm about her and Me and my brothers were knee deep in the creek following dads instructions on how to dig clams, catch blue crabs or herd the minnows so my oldest brother could hit em with a throw net.  Little did we know, we were "Gunkholing"! 

The Gunkholer is a person who seeks out the serenity of an empty cove or back water that is only navigable in a high tide.  We've been doing this all of our lives and now as parents ourselves, we have passed this way of coastal life to our children and I gotta admit, they're better at it than I ever was.  We decided as a family that if we love Gunkholing as much as we do, we thought other people should experience it as well.  

Out of our love for all things coastal, Gunkholer's Apparel and Outfitters was born.